GA-Xtra™ grouts are special one-part pozzolanic cementious formulations designed for use in grouting boreholes containing ground source heat loops. GA-Xtra™ and GA-Xtra PLUS™, when combined with water at the prescribed dosage rate, yield cohesive grouts with superior workability (rheology) for injection using standard equipment and a typical thermal conductivity (k) value of 1.0 (GA-Xtra™) or 1.2 (GA-Xtra PLUS™).  GA-Xtra™ grouts do not contain any organic polymers which can degrade over time. The one-part formulation provides a significant advantage over competing two-part systems which are subject to substantial errors in weigh batching on the job site. GA-Xtra™ grouts will provide the contractor, geotechnical engineer, and building owner with much greater control and assurance that the borehole is being grouted as intended.


  • Sealing/grouting of plastic ground source heat loops.

  • Sealing/grouting of annular spaces in wells and boreholes.

  • Creation of a low permeability, low shrinkage seals to prevent (i) downhole cross-contamination of aquifers, and (ii) entry of surface run-off water into borehole.

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